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The Steps

Navigating Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect every aspect of life, and there are a few steps that will be taken in your journey to hearing the world again!

Step 1:
Evaluation and Consultation

To assist in determining your candidacy for hearing aids. A Free Hearing Test is administered to determine if you can be helped by a hearing aid. Once the approaches to your hearing loss issues have been identified, we will recommend the pertinent technologies which you should consider, discussing efficacy, longevity, adaptability and cost. After you have made an informed personal choice, we will make any necessary ear impressions or molds.

Step 2:
Hearing Aid Fitting

Once our office receives your new hearing aids, we will conduct a fitting to ensure comfort, make any necessary adjustments to maximize the hearing aid's performance, and carefully cover use and maintenance procedures with you.

Step 3:
Ongoing Care

Just as hearing loss and the subsequent treatment is not a static condition, ValleyWide Hearing Aid Center seeks to establish an ongoing relationship with each of its customers, and are available to provide services as needed. We are available to offer in-house repairs, service your hearing aid, replace batteries or re-program your hearing aid if necessary.

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