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Hearing Aids & Assistive Devices


Did you know that hearing loss affects 1 in 10 Americans? That amounts to 30 million people in this country who have experienced hearing loss sufficient to warrant a hearing aid. The largest group are those over the age of 65, where one-third of the population is hearing impaired.



If you or a loved one has experienced the following “signs”, you are not alone:


       Particular words or portions of words are difficult to understand;


       People are continually asked to repeat themselves;


       Phone calls are difficult to understand;


       People around you comment on the volume of the television or radio.



Come in or call today for a consultation. While an Assistive Listening Device or Instrument (hearing aid) cannot restore a person’s natural ability to hear, hearing aids now help millions of people to live richer, fuller and more satisfying lives.



Types of Hearing Aids

There are many types of hearing aids. Each has it’s own characteristics and unique sound Reinforcement abilities. Depending on the type and severity of the hearing loss, and the lifestyle a person leads, a hearing aid is chosen and custom fitted for that individual.

We make it very easy. ValleyWide Hearing Aid Center offers so many different types of hearing aids, that we are certain we can find the right fit for you!

Programmable Hearing Aids

Each user has unique needs. Having a programmable hearing aid will allow The Hearing Aid Specialist to properly adjust the hearing aid to compensate For that persons degree of hearing loss. Some people have difficulty in noisy Rooms or crowded settings; some cannot hear higher pitched sounds and voices like those of children. Finding the right fit is crucial to enhancing one’s lifestyle And quality of life.

Re-Chargeable Hearing Aids

Many newer models self adjust to the surroundings. This technology offers A high quality experience for the Hearing Aid wearer that

is comfortable, clear, and very natural. These newer models are also rechargeable, and will Recharge overnight, eliminating the need to change batteries.

 Essential Communication Devices

New wireless technology allows hearing aid users a direct connection between their hearing aids and other devices, such as a TV, computer, cell phone, or even a media player! These new devices allow a simple, one button connection.


           These wireless devices allow you to:


           Transmit speech and audio directly to your hearing aid.

           Send a clear sound from your TV, computer, stereo, audio devices, without disturbing others with higher than normal volume levels.

           Provide a clear, wireless connection between your Bluetooth Enabled cell phone and your hearing aid.

           Use a remote control to manage program & volume adjustments for your hearing aid. 

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