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Available Services

Hearing Testing

Our highly experienced Hearing Instrument Specialists provide thorough audiometric and speech evaluations. Hearing tests are always offered free of charge at any of our locations!


Our highly trained staff members will provide you with detailed and efficient maintenance of your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Our passionate and committed team of experts will assist you in finding the perfect set of hearing aids for your needs.


If you are having trouble with your hearing aids or charging devices, don't hesitate to have them evaluated and serviced by our team of hearing professionals.


Once you find the perfect set of hearing aids, if your hearing ever changes our specialists can tailor your hearing aids to your personal hearing levels.


We offer all four sizes

of hearing aid batteries:

10, 13, 312, & 675


Our batteries are sold as a

box of 40 for $20.00

Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment!
951 - 925 - 8100

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